Presented by Jebsen Fine Wines - Sake Walk 2019

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Calling all sake lovers, get ready for the largest sake event in Hong Kong!

This exciting event is not to be missed. Come and discover over 80 sakes from 14 premium breweries. You’ll get the chance to taste and buy some of the most famous sakes in the world, as well as gain a better understanding of our incredibly diverse range on offer.

Booths are run by brewery owners and producers themselves, so you’ll be able to hear firsthand about the unique characteristics of their sake ranges.

Our top recommendations:

Eiko Fuji from Yamagata Prefecture, well known for its unpasteurized sake. 
Domaine Senkin from Tochigi Prefecture, popular for using the domaine concept with vintage variation.
Shichiken from Yamanashi Prefecture, celebrated for brewing high quality sparkling sake using méthode champenoise.
Juyondai from Yamagata Prefecture, the world’s most famed sake. (Jebsen Fine Wines is the official Juyondai overseas partner for the Hong Kong market.)
Raifuku from Ibaraki, notable for their use of flower yeast.
Zankyo from Miyagi, pioneers for the high rice polishing ratio, especially 7% Zankyo.

Join a Sake Masterclass!

Learn how to enhance your sake experience by complementing your drinks with delicious food. Our food pairing tips will demonstrate the versatility of our sake and the diverse range of food options that match perfectly.

Have you ever been curious about what sake is made of or how it’s produced? Or just wondering how to drink it correctly? If you’re interested in becoming a sake pro, then this is for you. Spaces are limited, so remember to sign up for our masterclass when you purchase your ticket.

Visit Sake Walk for an ideal afternoon out. Enjoy great sake, food and entertainment, before heading home with a newfound appreciation of Japanese sake.

Sake Walk - Drinking Event

Sake Walk is located in the beautiful courtyard of House 1881 - the former Marine Police Headquarters and one of Hong Kong’s oldest surviving buildings.

This is a unique opportunity to sample over 80 varieties of famous sakes from 14 different breweries, all under one roof! Whether you’re a curious beginner or a sake connoisseur, you’ll enjoy savouring amazing sake flavours for an experience to remember.


Sake Talk - Masterclass

Did you know sake literally means “Japanese liquor” and is a traditional Japanese alcohol made from fermented rice; also known as nihonshu. It is typically poured from a tall bottle called a tokkuri and drank from a small porcelain cup known as a sakazuki. As Japan’s national beverage, it is commonly served during formal ceremonies, special events, and national holidays.

Want to learn more? Our masterclasses cover everything from the basics, all the way to the more intricate details of what it takes to make a truly world class sake.
Classes feature a 60-minute talk followed by a guided tasting of 4 sake varieties.


Sake Eat - Dinner

It’s undeniable that Japanese food and sake go well together, but it actually goes well with other cuisines too! This is because sake carries a very complex flavor profile and is low in acidity; making it extremely versatile when paired with many dishes.

Be sure to try our mouth-watering array of dishes when sake tasting. You’ll be able to treat your palate to both your favourite food and sake, all the same sitting.

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