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Takagi Shuzo (Producer of 14th Generation Sake)

Takagi Shuzo (Producer of 14th Generation Sake)

Hidetoshi Nakata launched "N" Sake produced by Takagi Shuzo, in Yamagata Prefecture, which is famous for their sake "Juyondai" (which means 14th generation). This brewery is extremely popular and well-known for their premium craftsmanship. The collaboration has resulted in the creation of a smooth sake consisting of 35 percent koji rice (a "Special A" rank Yamada Nishiki rice), 15 percent alcohol and 40 percent kakemai rice - a "Special A" rank Aiyama rice that is processed using the fukuro shibori" method, which involves pressing and squeezing in cloth bags.

 This special process for creating “N” is very detailed, time consuming and done with great care.

 The procedure is all done by hand which creates a smooth, premium quality sake. The entire process takes a considerable amount of time and effort, making it difficult to create quantity, therefore the numbers of bottles are limited to 500-800 bottles annually.

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