Wine of the Week - Fukuju Chotokusen Daiginjo

Fukuju Chotokusen Daiginjo

Country: Japan
Appellation: Hyogo
Rice-polishing Ratio: 35
Nihonshu-do: +3
Sakamai: Yamadanishiki

Text: Ronny Lau

What's in common between Sake and Noble Prize? Sake maybe still haven't got a chance to win a Noble Prize yet, but Japanese stem cell researcher Professor Shinya Yamanaka made a toast with Fukuju Junmai Ginjo after he got the prestige award in the official party hosted in Stockholm in 2012. After the party, Fukuju became a most sought-after Sake brand in Japan.

Fukuju has been producing by Shu-Shin-Kan in Kobe since 1751, after more than 260 years, it's now operated by the 13 generation. Not only the long history, but also the many awards they won counts. Fukuju Chotokusen Daiginjo is one of the most awarded products, it has just won the Gold Award from the "Sake Competition 2018", and it has been received Gold Award from "National New Sake Competition" since 2015, 4 years in a row.

Fukuju Chotokusen Daiginjo is made from 100% Yamadanishiki rice that was planted locally in Hyogo prefecture, the rice-polishing ratio is up to 35%, which shaped the refreshing and elegant style. There are aromas like melon and white peach, with round body, finesse structure and long finish.

"Fukuju" means "good fortune and longevity" in Chinese, which also made it a good Chinese New Year gift to the one you love and care.

Ronny Lau

Ronny Lau is the chairman of Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Writers Association, and has been the co-chairman of Shanghai International Wine Challenge since 2011.

He has been a wine critics since 1980, and is a wine & spirits educator for University of Hong Kong and Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau. 
He is also the curator of innovative music and wine pairing CDs. In 2012, he was invited by Italian wine producer to take up the role as winemaker and released the first ever Super Tuscan made by Chinese.