Wine of the Week - Domaine Jacques Prieur Corton-Bressandes Grand Cru 2013

Domaine Jacques Prieur Corton-Bressandes Grand Cru 2013

Vintage: 2013
Country: France
Appellation: Corton-Bressandes

Text: Cecilia Wong

Grand Cru is the top vineyard in the Bourgogne wine classification, the production is only 1.4% of the whole region. There are 33 Grand Crus, but some of them are also divided into smaller plots called Lieux-dits. For an example, there are 25 Lieux-dits within the 100-hectare Corton Grand Cru. It is the only Grand Cru that can produce red wines in Côte de Beaune, and most wines made in Corton are red, Corton whites are less than 4%.


Apart from the tiny production, the variable weather condition is also a major factor affecting the harvest. In 2013, the weather was unpredictable, and the heavy hailstorm destroyed lots of vineyards, some of them even lost their grapes. Lucky enough, the surviving grapes were saved by the plentiful sunshine and humidity.


The grapes of Domaine Jacques Prieur Corton-Bressandes Grand Cru 2013, were harvest from the Lieux-dit named Les Bressandes in Corton, this south-east facing climat was an advantage in severe climate conditions. Just open the bottle and you can notice the floral aromas, reminding violet flowers, with a bit of toast, smoke, cranberry, spices and minerals, very vibrant and complex. You can enjoy the freshness now, but you are patient enough, drink it 10 years later, then you will find the mature side of this beauty. Wine is fun, it evolves inside the bottle, even it is the same wine, each time you open it, you will find different sensation.