Wine of the Week - Beluga Noble Celebration Vodka

Beluga Noble Celebration Vodka

Vintage: NV
Country: Russia
Ingredients: Malted barley, oat, honey

Text: Alex Cheung

How I first met Beluga vodka was a coincidence. I was early for a dinner appointment, so I went to the vodka bar of the hotel. The bartender asked me if I'd like to try a glass of vodka. As a spirits lover, I wouldn't say no and keep trying different vodkas. I was quite impressed by Beluga Noble Vodka that night. The sturgeon design on the label is attractive and I'm also impressed by its smooth and thick texture with crispy note. This has to pay tribute to Siberia, which is renowned as a place of exile, and you could imagine how inhospitable this place is.

There is an advantage of being exiled in Siberia. As there are not many people, it has become one of the best eco-friendly places in the world. The artesian spring water is what made Mariinsk Distillery special. With the unique composition of Malted spirits, honey, and extracts of milk thistle and oat, Beluga Noble Vodka is a high quality vodka with terroir.

Beluga Noble Celebration Vodka is dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Mariinsk Distillery where the vodka is produced. The same vodka but with a special golden bottle, which will surely make your Christmas party more "bling-bling"!