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The history of Chateau Margaux dates back almost one thousand years ago! It was known as “La Mothe de Margaux” which could be used by the royalty in the 12th century. Vineyards were not part of the estate. It was then restructured and rebuilt by Pierre de Lestonnac, the owner of Margaux from 1572 to 1582, who also introduced vine growing and wine making at Margaux..........read more

When we talk about wines, there are New World and Old World......read more
Reminiscing the night of 24 June 2020, a special night which felt surreal. The half year before that date, we had experienced shutting ourselves out or separation. And within just a few weeks after that night, we have to go back to the pandemic fighting mode and spirit......read more
Rice is one of the most essential ingredients for Japanese sake....read more