Return Policy

Return, Exchange & Refund Policy


1.            Wine is a perishable commodity, and some may deteriorate over time or if stored improperly, e.g. extremes of temperature. Therefore, we will (at our discretion) accept return or replacement of product only under the following conditions:


(a)        if the product is proven to our satisfaction that, it is defective or damaged before you accepted it; or

(b)        the product we delivered doesn’t match with your order.


You must return us with the product in its original package, supporting document to prove your purchase, and all free gifts and coupons (if any) you received in that original purchase of the returned products.


2.            We will inspect the product and check your order against our delivery record in good faith, but our decision will be final. We will not refund or replace any product which is not defective or damaged, or if our delivery matches the product you have ordered.


3.            If we replace your product, you may need to collect it in person or reimburse our delivery cost. Please refer to our Delivery Terms.


4.            If we refund your order, we will determine and inform you the payment method and refund the amount you have paid as soon as practicable.