James Bond 《No Time To Die》, Bollinger 007 Limited Edition launched!

Think of James Bond, and you think of his captivating Aston Martin, the signature order of martini that’s shaken and not stirred, and also the sophisticated yet refined Bollinger Champagne.

Bollinger has become the “Official Bond Champagne” after its exposure in 14 Bond films, including Bond’s first order of Bollinger in <Live and Let Die>, the serving of the bubbly in the Apollo Airways airplane in <Moonraker>, and the glimpse of a bucket cooling the Champagne in the insanely cool Aston Martin in <Goldeneye>. Who would’ve thought the relationship between James Bond and Bollinger has lasted for 40 years?

Time flies. Can you believe the upcoming movie <No Time To Die> will be the 25th James Bond movie? A celebratory Bollinger 007 Limited Edition Millesime 2011 is now available as an excitement prior to the upcoming theatrical release of the Bond movie. This Bollinger 007 is distinctively made with 100% Pinot Noir exclusively harvested from a single Grand Cru vineyard in Aÿ of Champagne region. A truly fragrant and fine Blanc de Noirs Champagne(only made entirely with Pinot Noir), this glamorous and golden bubbly was described as magnificent and powerful by Richard Juhlin, a wine critic specialising in Champagne. For both the Bond fanatics and wine lovers, it’s absolutely worth the wait.

Stay tuned with the spaceship-inspired design of Bollinger “Moonraker Luxury Limited Edition”!