Brand of the Month - The House of Suntory

Founded in 1899, the House of Suntory was built on one man’s dream. Shinjiro Torii wanted to enrich the lives of his people. He wanted not only to blend imported liquors, but develop quintessentially Japanese spirits for his people. He dreamed of crafting an authenic Japanese whisky. To make that dream a reality, he started the construction of Japan’s first malt whisky distillery in Yamazaki, in the outskirts of Kyoto, in 1923. Inspired by the riches of Japanese Nature, he chose the region for its reputed soft water, unique climate and distinct seasons-all of which would contribute to the distinctive Japanese character of Suntory whiskies.

Though Shinjiro is most known for his creation of Japanese whisky, he also applied his challenger’s spirit and “Monozukuri” craftsmanship to producing other spirits as well. That passion laid the foundation for the House of Suntory and Shinjiro’s legacy. The House of Suntory now represents a House of Japanese culture-a rich cultural experience and pilgrimage to Japan in every bottle, ready to be discovered by the world.

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Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve

Being the first and oldest malt distillery in Japan, the Yamazaki Distillery only produces pure Japanese single malt whisky. Yamazaki Distiller’s Reserve brings intense notes of strawberry, cherry, peach and coconut on both the nose and palate with nuances of sweet spices such as vanilla and cinnamon on the finish. 

Roku Gin  

Roku means “six” in Japanese, which refers to the six seasonal botanicals, including Sakura flower, Sakura leaf, Yuzu peel, Sencha tea (green tea), Gyokuro tea (refined green tea) and Sanshō pepper. Roku has a sweet aroma of cherry blossom and green tea, followed by a harmonious flavour of various botanicals led by yuzu, finishing with a crisp Sansho pepper sizzle. The distinctive yet stylish hexagonal bottle is inscribed with one of the six botanical prints on each facet.  


House of Suntory

Auchentoshan 12yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$530.00 Special Price HK$477.00
Bowmore 15yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$1,050.00 Special Price HK$893.00
Maker's Mark - 750ml
Regular Price HK$380.00 Special Price HK$323.00
Maker's 46 - 750ml
Regular Price HK$590.00 Special Price HK$502.00
Sipsmith London Dry - 700ml
Regular Price HK$480.00 Special Price HK$432.00
Sipsmith VJOP - 700ml
Regular Price HK$510.00 Special Price HK$459.00
Sipsmith Sloe Gin - 500ml
Regular Price HK$330.00 Special Price HK$297.00
Roku Gin - 700ml
Regular Price HK$460.00 Special Price HK$414.00
Maker's Mark x 2 with Jumper - Limited Edition
Regular Price HK$760.00 Special Price HK$646.00
Auchentoshan 18yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$1,600.00 Special Price HK$1,360.00
Auchentoshan Three Wood - 700ml
Regular Price HK$820.00 Special Price HK$738.00
Auchentoshan 21yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$3,100.00 Special Price HK$2,635.00
Bowmore 12yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$480.00 Special Price HK$432.00
Bowmore 18yo - 700ml
Regular Price HK$1,450.00 Special Price HK$1,305.00
Bowmore 25yo - 700ml
Out of stock
Chita - 700ml
Regular Price HK$570.00 Special Price HK$513.00
Courvoisier V.S.O.P - 700ml
Regular Price HK$480.00 Special Price HK$432.00
Courvoisier XO - 700ml
Regular Price HK$1,600.00 Special Price HK$1,440.00