Brand of the Month - Fukuju

Fukuju was taking its name from one of the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese mythology, Fukurokuju. With fuku meaning ‘happiness’, ‘wealth’, and ‘longevity’, Fukuju has always been linked to moments of celebration.

In the belief that "great sake comes from great Koji the cultivation of which is the fundamental step in creating excellence", Fukuju produces its Koji by hand and uses only the best sake rice cultivated by farmers in the northern region of Mt. Rokko, the home of Yamada Nishiki, Japan’s finest rice. The sake is brewed with Miyamizu, water that as been long valued as ideal for creating excellent sake. KOBE SHU-SHIN-KAN BREWERY continues to use traditional handcrafting techniques to produce quality sake. Fukuju sake has been awarded medals at prestigious international competitions around the world and Fukuku Junmai Ginjo has won multiple gold awards at IWC 2019, ISC 2019 and The US National Sake Appraisal 2019.

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FUKUJU Daiginjo

High transparency with pale yellow colour. Fresh and crispy aroma of Japan pear. Light palate of fruit flavour with delicate acidity and elegant aftertaste.It has won Gold Award at IWC 2019 and ISC 2019.

FUKUJU Junmai Ginjo 

Transparency with light yellow colour. Aroma with baked chestnut and matured white fruits. Full and rounded taste is one of the characteristics. It has been awarded medals at prestigious international competitions around the world including Gold Award at IWC 2019, ISC 2019 and The US National Sake Apprsisal 2019.



Fukuju Daiginjo - 300ml
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Fukuju Junmai Ginjo - 300ml
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Fukuju Junmai Ginjo - 720ml (lot: 2018-09)
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Fukuju Awasaki Sparkling Sake - 300ml
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Fukuju Junmai - 300ml
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